The initial craze of ICOs all pulling in millions of dollars of investment has definitely tapered as the SEC starts to regulate the investment space more closely. The upshot is that crypto-based companies looking to build a product or a platform through investment from a token sale need to be very smart with their branding in order to catch the eyes of investors.

The fact of the matter is that rarely if ever, will your ICO succeed without a robust marketing plan built around an ICO that reaches a target audience and generates a ton of digital interest. Of course…

Let me run you through a scenario that a lot of founders in the crypto space find themselves these days.

You have spent countless hours and invested personal savings into a startup that is based on a tokenization model. If it gains traction, your startup could create a whole new marketplace for users, or innovate an industry that has not kept pace with the implications of the crypto-boom and decentralized ledgers.

Because your business model relies on tokenization, you decide to pursue a round of funding by hosting an initial coin offering. It’s probably a wise move. Many high-octane companies…

Cryptocurrency is all the rage in media reports these days, though it’s usually presented as something of interest only to savvy investors. However, the technology has the potential for social change far beyond this. Cryptocurrencies can open access to financial services for underserved populations in developing countries. They even have the potential to reduce global poverty by facilitating better access to capital and financial resources, and by enabling small business transactions.

The Need for Financial Support for the Unbanked and Underbanked

Around 2.5 billion people around the world are unbanked or underbanked, meaning they lack access to basic services such…

Predictions are a powerful thing. Ask Macbeth — the three witches were able to really mess with him in their forecasts about his future.

But classical Shakespearean works aside, predictions become all the more powerful when you create markets around them. Doing so creates a mini economy based on people’s convictions about future events, which can in turn be used to gain insight and gauge popular sentiment.

We now have prediction markets built on the blockchain and have markets that cater specifically to cryptocurrency loyalists. …

Lama Kanj

Sometimes I post about blockchain tech and marketing

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