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  • Sam Kawtharani

    Sam Kawtharani

    FinTech Entrepreneur. VP of Product ​at Railz.ai​. Co-Founder & Former CEO ​at Corl​.io. Opinions are my own.

  • Cahill Puil

    Cahill Puil

    Advisor / Founder / Consultant. Tech / eComm / crypto.

  • AMI


    Your friend with a story. HackerNoon.com, ARTplusMarketing.com, ExtraNewsfeed.com, https://psiloveyou.xyz/ & more http://www.amipublications.com/.

  • Andrei Neagoie

    Andrei Neagoie

    Senior software developer. Currently teaching 200,000+ developers around the world modern skills. Say hi @andreineagoie or zerotomastery.io

  • Noah Mullins

    Noah Mullins

    Speculative fiction and musings on life, history, and humanity

  • Barry Parmet

    Barry Parmet

  • Alex MacPherson

    Alex MacPherson

  • Florin Mehedinti

    Florin Mehedinti

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